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Brother KH-930e knitting machine

Adventures in communicating with the Brother KH-930e knitting machine!

Make your own cable

The kh930e is designed to work with a Tandy PDD1 floppy drive. We don't need it! Make your own cable to communicate between your computer and the machine. You will need:

Change 'polarity' of the FTDI cable

FTDI cables have standard 'inverted' TTL (zero is 3-5V and one is 0v) but the KH930E requires the opposite. Luckily its very easy to fix this by reprogramming the software.

You will need a copy of FTDI MProg (windows only) and your FTDI cable. Plug in the FTDI cable into your windows computer and install the driver that matches your computer best

Please read our detailed tutorial on installing the driver here then come back when the driver is installed

Now download FTDI MProg and run the program

Rewire the connector

Python code

Backing up patterns/dumping memory from kh930e to computer

Creating new patterns

Putting new patterns on the machine


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