Table of Contents

The basic idea

gcc/binutils/etc : software engineering :: lindsay : mechanical engineering :: openbench : electrical engineering

Entire project consists of 6+ bench tools (definition here?) pretty much everything except a DMM (no point to doing it, so cheap) to create a platform for development, possibly speeding up the 'fab lab revolution' a bit

Tools are optimally available in 1-3 configurations : basic/low cost, better/medium cost, best/highest cost

I've been talkin' about this for 2 years now, and I expect it to take about 2 more years to get first revs done


Completely open source from mechanical (DXF), to hardware (schem, layout), to firmware (CPLD/microcontroller) to software. (Read more here)

either Creative Commons, GPL, MIT, BSD or a mix

Contains only out-of-patent or unpatented technology


Low cost, off-the-shelf, in production parts only.

DIP, PLCC, thruhole preferred. SOIC, 1206 passives and other large SMT "ok". No SSOP, QFP, LLP, uSOIC, etc.


All are still in part spec/planning