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Devil Fish

The devilfish is a set of modifications to the original TB-303 performed by RobinWhittle of Real World Interfaces. The modifications apparently started with a few simple additions here and there, and it has grown to the point where the devilfish is almost its own instrument. RobinWhittle has said that he is not interested in performing the same modifications for an x0xb0x, which leaves us to figure out what they are, and how he did it for ourselves, which is half the fun.

Here is the list of the modifications. "Unknown mods" are mods that RobinWhittle has done, but no-one has stepped up and provided instructions. "Mods in Progress" are modifications that are being worked on. Sometimes it is just an idea of how it is done, and sometimes full instructions are posted, but no-one has actually performed the mod yet to confirm whether or not it works. "Known Mods" have either been posted by RobinWhittle, LadyAda, TheGerman or other members of the x0xb0x / tb303 community. Finally the "Non Applicable Mods" are posted for completeness sake.

Theoretical Mods

These are mods that the x0xb0x community would love to have.

Mods in Progress

Mods in progress by memebers of the x0xb0x community. The details are probably sketchy, but being worked on. Note that these mods are variations on the DevilFish, and are not 'true' DevilFish mods. Purity be damned.

Known Mods

Non Applicable Mods

These mods do not apply to the x0xb0x, because the functionality already exists, or is strictly tb303 specific.