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Office materials

Photo Item name Distributor & Part # Reorder when… Buy… Reorder? Ordered?
Thermal Labels (4"x6")
For the postage printer
ULine S-6802 Less than 2 rolls 1 case of 12 rolls
Scotch tape (3M 310)
Basic tape
ULine S-10223 Less than 2 rolls 12 rolls
Clear packing tape Staples, etc Less than 2 rolls 6 rolls
Business, self seal
Uline S-11503, Staples Less than 100 box of 500
White printer paper
Any paper is fine
Staples/Fedex/Etc. Less than 2 reams 2-3 reams
Laser labels (2x5)
For kit labeling
Linton Labels ML1000 Less than 125 sheets (half a box) 2 boxes of 250
Laser printer toner Staples or recycle 92298A Less than one 'full' cart recycle cart
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