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Here is a list of all the places we know that specialize in gadget & laptop tattoos!

Please only add companies that exist: If you don't own a laser and have example photos, then don't add it. I will remove links that don't have a gallery or some sort of example photos.

Inclusion in this list does not imply recommendation by Adafruit. Buyer beware!

Shops whose main business is 'retail' technology (laptop/gadget) tattooing

  • Adafruit: (That's us!) Manhattan, NY laser etching company. By appointment only, $30 for small devices. $100 for laptops.
  • Public Art International: Rotterdam (The Netherlands) based company offering laser etching on laptops and iPods, dogtag engraving, acrylic lamp designs, graffiti stencils, custom Arduino projects.
  • ETCHamac: custom laser etching for macs and iPods, using an only flash design system. Mailorder or walk-ins. Located in Peoria, AZ. Offers Cermark spray. iPods are ~$50 and laptops are $50-$200 by "quarter"
  • RazorLAB Ltd: London based company offering laser etching on laptops, iPods, etc.
  • Scott Campbell Tattoo: Brooklyn, NY tattoo studio with laser cutter for laptops. $200 for 'portfolio design', $300 for custom design. (Not much more info)
  • iStyle Custom: LA shop. ~$30 for small devices, ~$100 for large ones
  • TATUIT: Serving Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA - Located in Portland, OR. Objectifying Art on cellphones, iPods, mp3 players, laptops and more.
  • engravee: Boston MA (back bay). By appointment only, prices starting out at $30 for cells+iPods, $80-$100 for laptops
  • engrave : Located in Portland OR. Not accepting laptop/gadget engraving appointments at this time.
  • Tech-Tattoos: Offering laser etching for your electronics by appointment in Toledo, OH.
  • Austin Laser Art: Art, Technology, Craft, and Traditional Laser Engraving in Austin, Texas
  • CADD Graphics: Specializes in firearms engraving specifically high powered rifes (you may ship guns as that they are a Class 01 FFL as licensed by ATF), electronics marking for theft loss and inventory purposes as well as wood, marble and granite engraving/cutting.

Other Shops

  • Big Blue Saw: Offers a CAD design tool and online ordering for laser and waterjet cut parts
  • Pololu: Custom laser cutting from $25.
  • Ponoko: A place where you can make and sell laser cut ideas to the world.
  • 2dparts: Fast. Cheap. Precise. Laser cut and Waterjet Parts.
  • NextFab Studio: Trotec classes and contract work. NextFab is a MakerSpace in Philadelphia.
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