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What not to do

Don't just put the tube into the vibrator and back it off one part-length. It will result in a mess :)

Modifying the tube

Instead, you need to notch the end of the tube to hold the part in place. We plan to just reuse the same tube over by 'reloading it' from one end. To demonstrate, we'll use a 8 SOIC tube.

Take one chip out and lay it on top of the tube, then notch the top with a razor blade just before the tail of the chip

Now put the chip away

Using sharp diagonal cutters, cut at the TOP of the tube from the end to where the notch is. Repeat on the other side

Bend the top flap up and cut it off so that any burr is on the top, not impeding the chip.

When you're done there will be a channel that keeps the chip in place and doesnt let it vibrate off to the side but has space for the nozzle to pick up the chip!

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