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 It will result in a mess :) It will result in a mess :)
-{{:​mdcpickandplace:​feederjam.jpg|}}+{{:​mdcpickandplace:​feederjam.jpg|}} ​ <​---- BAD!
 ===== Modifying the tube ===== ===== Modifying the tube =====
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 ===== Install tube ===== ===== Install tube =====
-{{:​mdcpickandplace:​tubeinplace_t.jpg|[[:​mdcpickandplace:​tubeinplace.jpg]]}}+Install the tube so that it goes OVER the foam-padded bar and UNDER the unpadded bar 
 +Place the tube so that the Phillips head screw is underneath the tube, this will help keep it in place 
 +Push the end of the tube all the way up to the metal stop plate.
 {{:​mdcpickandplace:​tubeinplaceside_t.jpg|}} {{:​mdcpickandplace:​tubeinplaceside_t.jpg|}}
 ===== Program in chip feeder ===== ===== Program in chip feeder =====
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