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-Hey! Its a wiki! 
-====== You and your pick & place ====== 
-Want to: Make electronic goods at home? Place 0201's with ease? Impress your friends? Then a pick and place may be for you! 
-The first part of this wiki is specifically about the MDC 7722FV (7722 with Flying Vision) pick and place machine, but may have useful information for others. That being said, we give no guarantees about any information stated within. ​ 
-===== MDC 7722FV ===== 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​equipment|Purchasing a pick and place]] - how broke you'll be after the fact 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​options|Machine options]] - add ons & extras 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​accessories|Accessories]] - All the other stuff you'll need 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​setup|Setting up]] - '​Unboxing'​ and initial set up 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​feeders|Feeders]] - How to use the feeders 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​tubes|Tubes]] - How to use tubes 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​tray|Tray]] - How to use the tray 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​operation|Operating the MDC]] - Getting it running! 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​tips|Tips]] - and tricks with your p&p 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​troubleshoot|Troubleshooting]] - also known as "a list of things that went wrong for us" 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​jellybeans|Jellybeans]] - The most common parts, cheap! 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​download|Docs and Downloads]] - Files, manuals, etc 
- * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun|Sparkfun'​s Pick and Place Machines]] - Information about the Pick and Place machines used by Sparkfun Electronics (wiki under construction) 
-===== Autotronik MC383V1 and MC384 ===== 
-We celebrated an [[http://​​commerce/​news.php?​id=313|Early Christmas]] here at Sparkfun, thanks to the speedy delivery of our much needed second Pick and Place. As we work to push both machines to capacity, we're trying to find time to share some of our experience with you. Bear with us; we'll keep on adding more as we find more time and think of other helpful or cool information to '​wikify'​. 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun:​Testimonials|Testimonials]] - Read what Sparkfun machine operators have to say about Manncorp Pick and Place products and service. 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun:​Specs|General Specifications and Costs]] - A brief overview 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun:​Photos|Photos]] - A few shots of our two machine'​s and their hardworking operators 
-  * [[mdcpickandplace:​sparkfun:​Manuals|Manuals and Documentation]] - The '​official'​ Manncorp help file/manual for operation and maintenance... Also posted here is a training manual I developed for getting our new people up to speed. ​ 
-  * [[https://​​pick-and-place/​mannautocat2.pdf|Manncorp'​s pdf Brochure for the Autotronik MC Series of pick and place and stencil machines]] 
-===== Outside resources ===== 
-  * [[http://​​forums/​viewforum.php?​f=42|Forum]] - Chat about small/​hobbyist pick & place machines on the Adafruit forums 
-  * [[http://​​|]] - Manncorp'​s guide for first time potential pick and place purchasers 
-  * [[https://​​pick-and-place/​index.php?​auto=done|Manncorp Pick and Place Line]]- You won't find the 383V listed, as it's an older machine, but you can see what's available if you're looking into buying new. Be sure to register for free on Manncorp'​s site, as registering unlocks a lot more content such as pricing. 
-This is a collaborative project. Please post questions to the [[http://​​forums/​viewforum.php?​f=42|Forum]],​ and useful information into the wiki. Thanks! 
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