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  1. Run an ERC
  2. Run a DRC
  3. Check stop mask - do you want tenting?
  4. Sometimes its cheaper to have both sides masked the same so mirror any stop masks like 'heat sink' planes onto the other side
  5. Check the layout with Gerbv or another gerber viewer
  • are the bottom and top lined up?
  • Are the holes in the right place?
  • silkscreen looking good, nothing overlapping?
  • bottom/top components there?
  1. (optional) Sometimes its cheaper to have fewer drills, so edit the drill file to keep the tool number low (sometimes your CAD program can do this too)
  2. Do you need scoring?
  3. Do you need panelizing? If so, scored or tab-route?
  4. Do you need lead free?
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