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-====== This is the wiki ====== 
-Wikis have come a long way and while I used to automatically reject them as a collaborative medium there seem to be some specific functions they'​re good at! 
-DokuWiki is neat because: its PHP/​javascript,​ has ACLs, has a wysiwyg editor, etc. Yay DokuWiki! 
-===== Stuff to look at ===== 
-Right now, we have the following '​projects'​ hosted here. These projects will eventually get folded into but while they'​re not quite ready for release (or often edited) so they'​ll sit here for a bit! 
-===== Parts ===== 
-  * [[findingparts:​start|Finding Parts]]: How to find electronic components 
-  * [[partselector|Part Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common components for DIY/​hobbyists. ​ 
-  * [[eaglelibrary|Eagle parts library]]: A collection of Eagle parts footprints 
-  * [[toolselector|Tool Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common tools for DIY/​hobbyists. 
-===== Projects ===== 
-  * [[openbench:​start|Open Bench]]: Open source benchtop tools 
-  * [[x0x:​x0xd0x|x0xb0xd0x]]:​ A wiki for the x0xb0x 
-  * [[wavebubble:​start|Wave Bubble]]: A wiki for the Wave Bubble 
-  * [[tempcontroller|Temperature Controller]]:​ A project! 
-  * [[derivatives|Other people'​s projects]]: A list of projects, ideas, calls for help and such related to, or inspired by the good Lady Ada's work 
-===== Resources ===== 
-  * [[MDCpickandplace|Pick and place info]]: Specifically for the MDC machines 
-  * [[SMT|Surface Mount Technology]]:​ Notes & stuff  
-  * [[laserinfo:​start|Laser Info]]: All sort of references and tips about laser cutters 
-  * [[kitmakers|Kit Makers]]: A list of kit makin' peeps 
-  * [[pcbchecklist|PCB checklist]]:​ Before getting PCBs made, I go through this list 
-  * [[pcbsuppliers|PCB Suppliers]]:​ Where to get your PCBs made 
-  * [[mintyboost:​v3_compatibility_list|Mintyboost v3 compatibility list!]]: What works 
-  * [[chumbyhackerboard|Chumby Hacker Board]]: Some tips and tutorials 
-  * [[knittingmachine|Hackin'​ and moddin'​ Becky'​s Brother 940]] 
-  * [[tutorials:​tftlcdidentify]] 
-===== Products ===== 
-  * [[products:​microtouch:​index.html|MicroTouch]] 
-  * [[products:​usbboarduino:​index.html|USB Boarduino]] 
-  * [[products:​i2cspilcdbackpack:​index.html|I2C/​SPI LCD backpack]] 
-  * [[products:​atmega32u4breakout:​index.html|Atmega32u4 Breakout Board+]] 
-  * [[products:​ledstrip:​index.html|LED strips]] 
-===== Tutorials ===== 
-  * [[adacomputer|My preferred business/​tronix computer]] 
-  * [[tutorials:​zencartmods:​index.html|Zencart (OScommerce) mods]]: My tweaks to our favorite open source shopping cart software 
-  * [[documentation|Kit documentation]] 
-  * [[private|Private]]:​ Staging 
-  * [[arduino:​libraryinstall|Library Install]]: How to install Arduino libraries 
-  * [[ftditest|FTDI Testing]]: Check your cable! 
-  * [[arduino:​unofaq|UNO FAQ]]: Everything you want to know about the new Arduino UNO (but have been afraid to ask) 
-===== best GS3 case ===== 
-I wanted the thinnest case I could get, So I checked out the Spigen [[http://​​cell-phone-accessories/​cell-phone-protective-cases-covers.html|galaxy s3 case]] (i think it's called the "​Air"​) and this Elago case. Both are near identical. The Spigen, although thinner, doesn'​t stay on the phone as well (I suspect because the case is so thin, there'​s not much for the phone to clasp onto. I can barely tell the difference when I have either of the cases on that one is thicker. I will say the nice thing about the Spigen one is that it came with a screen protector (at a cost). I ended up keeping the Elago though. The one complaint I have about both cases is that it doesn'​t cover enough of the bottom or top, it comes up through the corners, but they could of added another centimer of protection. 
-I initally purchased this Elago case in white, then got it in blue. The feel of different colors is significantly different. This blue/indigo case feels like a plastic with a soft rubber coating whereas the white one was a glossy plastic. 
-Both have their ups and down sides. 
-This is one of the best [[http://​​cell-phone-accessories/​cell-phone-protective-cases-covers.html|galaxy s3 cases]], especially for the pebble blue version, I searched online and the color tone of this case is almost same as that of the phone, no other case color came close to it. Very comfortable,​ sleek, very well designed. Must for Pebble blue verion. 
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