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-Gucci handbags spring/​summer time 2010 collection ​is actually a drool-worthy presentation. Frida Giannini did congrats in her own recent creation. She revealed several designs which are so fantastic and sensational,​ and therefore are the subjects of lots of fashion blogs. The bags' simple yet glamorous styles happen to be recapturing Gucci'​s once stellar fame. Apparently, the theme of feminine allure was presented within the clothing trends and hints within ​the shoes and handbag collection.+====== This is the wiki ======
-The clutches come with an understated appearance [[http://​|Mulberry Outlet]]with clean and neat lines, and they'​re provided in luxurious croc skin. For any dark blue flying jacket, decide on a deep blue matte croc clutch. Or choose using their company color options for example silver gray, shinny orange or shinny royal blue. The more compact boxy bag includes a bamboo handle, tassel detail and legendary equine bit. Oddly enough, it provides a chain shoulder strap in addition to a standard leather strap. The slouchy tote getting woven leather handles will come in wealthy chocolate-colored croc skin and supple black suede. Additionally,​ it includes a removable leather strap. The limelight from the collection is really a large tote in whitened guccisima embossed leather featuring dual whip leather straps and harness detail around the front. 
-This time around we'​ll ​have a critical look at another stunning style of Gucci bags of 2009. Gucci Icon Bit tote is a little drama, clean-lined,​ yet lots of fashion. It features a duffel-like shape having a round zip closure, ​and pleating detail adds womanliness and delicacy. The ruthenium hardware and equine bit clasp and D ring detail give modern touch. It offers spacious interior with inside zip, mobile phone and PDA pockets. Having a removable shoulder strap, it really works functionally for your preference. This bag is available in a variety of luscious materials including croc, python, suede, pony hair and iridescent patent leather, ​as well as in colorful spectrum from black to blue, silver, crimson and whitened. Offering a contemporary and trendy style, it's a perfect item to create an instant day-to-evening glamour, [[http://​|Mulberry outlet shop]]and fully trust either casual or elegant outfit. Gucci Icon Bit bag is very luxurious in dark blue crocodile skin with ruthenium hardware. The shinny croc designs are extremely appealing that'​ll be the limelight anywhere you go, furthermore,​ the refined quality guarantees an eternity use.+Wikis have come long way and while I used to automatically reject them as a collaborative medium there seem to be some specific functions they're good at!
-Icon Bit tote is really ​awesome Gucci bag that most of us fashion ladies are desiringBuy through stylishpick ​and eurohandbag. It'​s ​certainly a stylish option ​for any contemporary wardrobe.+DokuWiki ​is neat because: its PHP/​javascript,​ has ACLs, has wysiwyg editor, etc. Yay DokuWiki! 
 +===== Stuff to look at ===== 
 +Right now, we have the following '​projects'​ hosted here. These projects will eventually get folded into but while they'​re not quite ready for release (or often edited) so they'​ll sit here for a bit! 
 +===== Parts ===== 
 +  * [[findingparts:​start|Finding Parts]]: How to find electronic components 
 +  * [[partselector|Part Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common components for DIY/​hobbyists.  
 +  * [[eaglelibrary|Eagle parts library]]: A collection ​of Eagle parts footprints 
 +  * [[toolselector|Tool Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system to the most common tools for DIY/​hobbyists. 
 +===== Projects ===== 
 +  * [[openbench:​start|Open Bench]]: Open source benchtop tools 
 +  * [[x0x:​x0xd0x|x0xb0xd0x]]:​ A wiki for the x0xb0x 
 +  * [[wavebubble:​start|Wave Bubble]]: A wiki for the Wave Bubble 
 +  * [[tempcontroller|Temperature Controller]]:​ A project! 
 +  * [[derivatives|Other people'​s projects]]: A list of projects, ideas, calls for help and such related to, or inspired by the good Lady Ada'​s ​work 
 +===== Resources ===== 
 +  * [[MDCpickandplace|Pick and place info]]: Specifically ​for the MDC machines 
 +  * [[SMT|Surface Mount Technology]]:​ Notes & stuff  
 +  * [[laserinfo:​start|Laser Info]]: All sort of references and tips about laser cutters 
 +  * [[kitmakers|Kit Makers]]: A list of kit makin' peeps 
 +  * [[pcbchecklist|PCB checklist]]:​ Before getting PCBs made, I go through this list 
 +  * [[pcbsuppliers|PCB Suppliers]]:​ Where to get your PCBs made 
 +  * [[mintyboost:​v3_compatibility_list|Mintyboost v3 compatibility list!]]: What works 
 +  * [[chumbyhackerboard|Chumby Hacker Board]]: Some tips and tutorials 
 +  * [[knittingmachine|Hackin'​ and moddin'​ Becky'​s Brother 940]] 
 +  * [[tutorials:​tftlcdidentify]] 
 +===== Products ===== 
 +  * [[products:​microtouch:​index.html|MicroTouch]] 
 +  * [[products:​usbboarduino:​index.html|USB Boarduino]] 
 +  * [[products:​i2cspilcdbackpack:​index.html|I2C/​SPI LCD backpack]] 
 +  * [[products:​atmega32u4breakout:​index.html|Atmega32u4 Breakout Board+]] 
 +  * [[products:​ledstrip:​index.html|LED strips]] 
 +===== Tutorials ===== 
 +  * [[adacomputer|My preferred business/​tronix computer]] 
 +  * [[tutorials:​zencartmods:​index.html|Zencart (OScommerce) mods]]: My tweaks to our favorite open source shopping cart software 
 +  * [[documentation|Kit documentation]] 
 +  * [[private|Private]]:​ Staging 
 +  * [[arduino:​libraryinstall|Library Install]]: How to install Arduino libraries 
 +  * [[ftditest|FTDI Testing]]: Check your cable! 
 +  * [[arduino:​unofaq|UNO FAQ]]: Everything you want to know about the new Arduino UNO (but have been afraid to ask)
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