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-When a pair gets married it is initially necessary to understand that life together won't be happily ever after. That's as a result of the two people carry their own uniqueness, variations of opinion and a variety of other points into the relationship.+====== This is the wiki ======
-Subsequently,​ you will need to understand that when difficulties do arise that the individuals have to proceed to work on the relationship. That dedication will assist the couple to rise above the difficulties,​ learn from the experience and permit the difficulties to strengthen the relationship. 
-Nevertheless,​ some marriages get to the point the place the individuals quit talking ​and start to be involved in destructive behaviors that drive wedge between the married couple. Therefore, ​to answer the question the right way to save my marriage it is very important first of all restore the dedication of working together to repair any injury that has been done. Secondly, in response to the query how do I save my marriage it's important that the channels of communication be re-opened. Finally, it is important to involve a third occasion who will present the needed counseling required to assist the couple save the marriage.+Wikis have come a long way and while I used to automatically reject them as collaborative medium there seem to be some specific functions they'​re ​good at!
-Commitment.+DokuWiki is neat because: its PHP/​javascript,​ has ACLs, has a wysiwyg editor, etcYay DokuWiki!
-The primary necessary component to providing the answer on how do I save my marriage is to have a commitment to one another and a need to repair the marriage. This dedication is a resolve that affirms that what the couple as soon as had may be rekindled and recaptured. 
-In addition, it is important to know that dedication is not a sense or a half-hearted attempt. Specifically,​ a dedication is an act of the will or a resolve that says I will do my utmost to save this marriage. 
-One other vital part of the equation of addressing the question of how do I save my marriage is to reopen the traces of communication. It's because many marriages fail as a result of obstruction of communication between the marital couple. 
-Communication is defined as expressing one's feelings and innermost ideas in an surroundings that is protected and non-judgmental. As well as, listening ​to what the opposite individual is saying is a part of that communication process.+===== Stuff to look at =====
-Counseling.+Right now, we have the following '​projects'​ hosted hereThese projects will eventually get folded into but while they'​re not quite ready for release (or often edited) so they'​ll sit here for a bit!
-One other vital facet that helps to answer the query of how do I save my marriage is by searching for out a qualified counselor. Typically, a certified counselor acts as a mediator and helps the troubled couple to work by way of the challenges that the wedding is facing. 
-Often the counselor brings ​to the desk significant educational experience as well as appreciable expertise ​to help the coupleThis mix of expertise allows the counselor ​to be an arbitrator and prevents ​the skilled from taking sidesAs well as, the counselor helps the marital couple to see the other particular person'​s ​perspective in addition to shed light on the individual'​s personal perspective. This course ​of could help the couple to seek out resolution ​and assist them to work via the marriage'​s ​rocky seas.+===== Parts ===== 
 +  * [[findingparts:​start|Finding Parts]]: How to find electronic components 
 +  * [[partselector|Part Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system ​to the most common components for DIY/​hobbyists 
 +  * [[eaglelibrary|Eagle parts library]]: A collection ​of Eagle parts footprints 
 +  * [[toolselector|Tool Selector]]: A guide/​expert-system ​to the most common tools for DIY/​hobbyists. 
 +===== Projects ===== 
 +  * [[openbench:​start|Open Bench]]: Open source benchtop tools 
 +  * [[x0x:​x0xd0x|x0xb0xd0x]]:​ A wiki for the x0xb0x 
 +  * [[wavebubble:​start|Wave Bubble]]: A wiki for the Wave Bubble 
 +  * [[tempcontroller|Temperature Controller]]:​ A project! 
 +  * [[derivatives|Other people'​s ​projects]]: A list of projects, ideas, calls for help and such related ​to, or inspired by the good Lady Ada'​s ​work
-Learn <a href="​http://​​get-husband-back/​how-to-win-your-husband-back-from-an-affair/">​how do i get my husband back after an affair</​a>​ if you want to get your ex husband back with you and mend the relationship before it's too late and time runs out. Alsograb the free special report on how to avoid the 15 biggest mistakes ​made when trying to rescue ​and respark your relationship at <a href="http://​">​http://​</a>.+===== Resources ===== 
 +  * [[MDCpickandplace|Pick ​and place info]]: Specifically for the MDC machines 
 +  * [[SMT|Surface Mount Technology]]:​ Notes & stuff  
 +  * [[laserinfo:​start|Laser Info]]: All sort of references ​and tips about laser cutters 
 +  * [[kitmakers|Kit Makers]]: A list of kit makin' peeps 
 +  * [[pcbchecklist|PCB checklist]]:​ Before getting PCBs madeI go through this list 
 +  * [[pcbsuppliers|PCB Suppliers]]:​ Where to get your PCBs made 
 +  * [[mintyboost:​v3_compatibility_list|Mintyboost v3 compatibility list!]]: What works 
 +  * [[chumbyhackerboard|Chumby Hacker Board]]: Some tips and tutorials 
 +  * [[knittingmachine|Hackin'​ and moddin'​ Becky'​s Brother 940]] 
 +  * [[tutorials:​tftlcdidentify]] 
 +===== Products ===== 
 +  * [[products:microtouch:​index.html|MicroTouch]] 
 +  * [[products:usbboarduino:​index.html|USB Boarduino]] 
 +  * [[products:​i2cspilcdbackpack:​index.html|I2C/SPI LCD backpack]] 
 +  * [[products:​atmega32u4breakout:​index.html|Atmega32u4 Breakout Board+]] 
 +  * [[products:​ledstrip:​index.html|LED strips]] 
 +===== Tutorials ===== 
 +  * [[adacomputer|My preferred business/tronix computer]] 
 +  * [[tutorials:​zencartmods:​index.html|Zencart (OScommerce) mods]]: My tweaks to our favorite open source shopping cart software 
 +  * [[documentation|Kit documentation]] 
 +  * [[private|Private]]:​ Staging 
 +  * [[arduino:​libraryinstall|Library Install]]: How to install Arduino libraries 
 +  * [[ftditest|FTDI Testing]]: Check your cable! 
 +  * [[arduino:​unofaq|UNO FAQ]]: Everything you want to know about the new Arduino UNO (but have been afraid to ask)
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