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Making BijouBitterSolies Panel

x0xb0x #026 (BijouBittersolie) did an amazing front panel mod and created an amazing 303-like front panel.Here is a link to his TIF file.

  1. Print out the TIF file on card stock
  2. Cut out the holes for LED's, Switches and Knobs
  3. Trim the sides, leaving 1 1/2 CM at the top and sides, and 2 CM at the bottom
  4. Fold the exess at the bottom and sides over, and screw the top panel in
  5. Revel in the beauty.

Notes about the TIF file

  • The Holes don't line up perfectly with the AutoCAD file
  • The font seems to be Helvetica 9.2 pt. Arial 9.2 will work in a pinch. The font spacing is roughly 25.
  • The yellow is: C 2%, M 11%, Y 32%, K 0%. Or in RGB if you like: #FFE3A3.

Computer Controlled Skin (by Jonnay)

Jonnay has updated and added to the panel done by BijouBittersolie, photos are coming soon. Right now it is V0.9 and is available here:

Here is the todo list

  • Move the panel to a set place on the page (1 inch x 1 inch)
  • Print red on the backside instead of the front
  • more whitespace between volume and "computer controlled" (knob in the way)
  • more whitespace for "voltage controlled oscillator" (washer in the way)
  • cut out the paper completely, don't fold
  • expand lines on bank select
  • Fix right-hand spacing between "Mode Select" in the "Sequencer" section
  • make sure #1 in PTN# is bold
  • increase point size in #1, #5, #9 and #13 in PTN#
  • give the user icon sunglasses so it looks more like a guy, rather then a keyhole

Making your own Panel

You can download the AutoCAD DXF files for your panels from Here. I have converted the Front and IO panels to bare Illustrator files that you can use to make a panel mod like BijouBitterSolie.


Apparently the size is off by 1/8th of an inch each direction on the main panel, and might be the same for the I/O panel. Before you use them, scale them by 1/8th an inch.


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