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Testing out the LPC1343 board

Installing the toolchain

Installed YAGARTO according to MicroBuilder's tutorial

All good!

Install IDE

Go to for download I didn't install UnitTest++

Also downloaded the CodeBase

Followed the Codelite tutorial

Open Main.c in the root directory under the Workspace tab

Right-clicked on LPC1343_CodeBase and selected Build

----------Build Started--------
MESSAGE: Entering directory `C:\Documents and Settings\ladyada\My Documents\Projects\lpc1343\LPC1343_CodeBase _v0.30\build\codelite\/../../'
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c ""mingw32-make.exe"  -j 2 -f """
----------Building project:[ LPC1343_CodeBase - Debug ]----------
make[1]: Entering directory `C:/Documents and Settings/ladyada/My Documents/Projects/lpc1343/LPC1343_CodeBase _v0.30'
arm-none-eabi-gcc -c -Os -I. -Wall -mthumb -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fmessage-length=0 -mcpu=cortex-m3 -DTARGET=LPC13xx -fno-builtin -o main.o main.c
arm-none-eabi-gcc -nostartfiles -mthumb -Wl,--gc-sections -T lpc1xxx/memory.ld -o firmware.elf main.o chb.o chb_buf.o chb_drvr.o chb_eeprom.o chb_spi.o mcp24aa.o lm75b.o ILI9325.o drawing.o  smallfonts.o consolas9.o consolas11.o consolas16.o ff.o mmc.o adc.o cpu.o cmd.o gpio.o i2c.o pmu.o ssp.o systick.o timer16.o timer32.o uart.o uart_buf.o usbconfig.o usbhid.o stdio.o string.o wdt.o commands.o cdcuser.o usbcore.o usbdesc.o usbhw.o usbuser.o sysinit.o LPC13xx_handlers.o LPC1xxx_startup.o

arm-none-eabi-size firmware.elf
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
  10224	    116	    602	  10942	   2abe	firmware.elf

arm-none-eabi-objcopy --strip-unneeded -O binary firmware.elf firmware.bin
arm-none-eabi-objcopy --strip-unneeded -O ihex firmware.elf firmware.hex
make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/Documents and Settings/ladyada/My Documents/Projects/lpc1343/LPC1343_CodeBase _v0.30'
Executing Post Build commands ...
succesfully updated crc to: efff1abc
----------Build Ended----------
0 errors, 0 warnings

That didnt actually work. Went into projectconfig.h and commented out #define CFG_INTERFACE did a Clean & Build. File is now about 3Kb. LED blinks! Hooray!

 Don't make the same mistakes I did, always do a Clean before Build!!!


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