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LEDs tend to be used in one of two ways: either for indication or illumination.

Indicator LEDs are low power, cheap LEDs that don't emit much light. For example, LEDs used to indicate that power is plugged in, or that a battery is charged. You can use high output LEDs and put less current through them (by using a larger series resistor)

Illumination LEDs are high power, more expensive and can be used to actually light something up. For example, LED headlamps, bike lights, christmas tree lights, etc.

Indicator LEDs

3mm (T-1) package

Image Description Part # Distributor
3mmredled_t.jpg Diffused Red Dim (~10 mcd) LITE-ON LTL-1CHE Digikey Jameco Mouser
" Diffused Red Dim (~20 mcd) Kingbright WP7104LSRD Digikey
" Diffused Red Bright (~150mcd) Kingbright WP7104SRD/D Digkey
" Diffused Red Bright (~150mcd) LITE-ON LTL-4266N Mouser
3mmgreenled_t.jpg Diffused green dim (20mcd) Kingbright WP7104GD Mouser
" Diffused green medium (40mcd) Kingbright WP7104GSD Mouser

5mm (T-1 3/4) package

Image Description Part # Distributor
3mmreddiffled.jpg Red diffused 300-400mcd WP7113SRD/D and WP7113SRD/E Mouser
3mmgreenled_t.jpg Green diffused 40mcd WP7113SGD Mouser
Yellow diffused 600mcd+ WP7113SYD Mouser

10mm package

Illumination LEDs

5mm (T-1 3/4) package

Image Description Part # Distributor
clear5mmled_t.jpg Narrow beam (20deg) IR 940nm
These have a blue-ish tint.
IR333-A Mouser
clear5mmled_t.jpg Wider beam (40deg) IR 940nm
Clear body
IR333C/H0/L10 Mouser
Standard LED - Through Hole RGB 630/525/465nm 750/420/750mcd 60Deg WP154A4SUREQBFZGC Mouser
Standard LED - Through Hole RGB diffused WP154A4SUREQBFZGC Mouser
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