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All of a sudden, I have a strong need to make a couple of 'Temperature Controllers'!

Sous Viduino

Oh yes I stuck the "duino" on the end there. Adabot really like to cook and eat food, and as a scientist/foodie is really excited about making Sous Vide. As such, he has charged me with the task of making a rockin' Open Source Sous Vide controller - posting up all the schematics, instructions, software, science, engineering, and math on how we designed the ultimate in geekfoodtronix.


Dehydruino? Doesn't sound as good. Adabot also wants a dehydrator controller that is Awesome so he can make a big dehydrator.

Espresso / French Press Coffee

We like to drink coffee and tea. Would we like it MORE if it was brewed at precision temperatures???

PCB reflow

Yum! Make perfectly toasted PCBs (This is what I want the controller for…to control my hotplate!)

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