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-[[coupon.html|Improving Coupon Reports]] +[[coupon.html|Improving Coupon Reports]] ​\\ 
-[[emailplus.html|Allowing + in email addresses]] +[[emailplus.html|Allowing + in email addresses]] ​\\ 
-[[barcodeinv.html|Adding a barcode to invoices]] +[[barcodeinv.html|Adding a barcode to invoices]] ​\\ 
-[[hideqty.html|Hiding inventory numbers]] +[[invnumbers.html|Make invoice number big and red]]\\ 
-[[stashqty.html|Stashing inventory]] +[[hideqty.html|Hiding inventory numbers]] ​\\ 
-[[invimages.html|Adding invoice images]]+[[stashqty.html|Stashing inventory]] ​\\ 
 +[[invimages.html|Adding invoice images]] ​\\ 
 +[[addrmismatchinv.html|Indicate an address mismatch on the invoice]] \\ 
 +[[tariff.html|Add Tariff numbers and descriptions to all products]] \\ 
 +[[tariffhelper.html|Create a new admin page to help with editing tariff info]] \\ 
 +[[daily_stats.html|Create a Daily stats page]] \\
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