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This is the PC and the power supply that the pick and place machine comes with. If you want to save money on the PnP (~$2k), you can just use an old PC or buy your own. It needs to have PCI slots though because the IO card that controls the machine plugs into it. The power supply supplies power to the motors and pneumatics.

Here's a shot of the connectors that you'll need to connect. One side is the cable bundle from the PC and the other side is the cable bundle from the machine. Both sides are labeled so just connect the cables with matching labels.

Here's a closeup of the cable bundle with labels.

The cables are now connected.

The power cables being connected.

You'll need to plug the air compressor into the machine since the air is needed to operate the pneumatic actuators and vacuum pickup. This is a shot of the air hose input in the back of the machine. You need to add 1/4" tubing that plugs directly into the connector.

Another shot of the air hose input on the back of the machine.

You can just stick the air hose into the connector. The connector will grab onto it and make an airtight fitting.

This is the other side of the air hose that needs to connect to the air compressor. I forgot the name of the elbow fitting. LadyAda has the McMaster-Carr part number for it. The quick release connector that goes into the air compressor is just the standard one you can find that mates to most compressors.

Here's a shot of my air compressor (50L/90 psi) with my air hose connectors. The one on the right has the quick release connector that will mate to the pick and place air hose. I like air compressors with two outlets because I usually connect up an air gun to the second one to quick dry my washed PCBs with air blasts. Its slmost essential if you use water soluble organic flux.

A shot of the air hose mating to the air compressor.

I'm wondering why this shot was even necessary. I think most people can infer that this happens.

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