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The basic idea

gcc/binutils/etc : software engineering :: lindsay : mechanical engineering :: openbench : electrical engineering

Entire project consists of 6+ bench tools (definition here?) pretty much everything except a DMM (no point to doing it, so cheap) to create a platform for development, possibly speeding up the 'fab lab revolution' a bit

Tools are optimally available in 1-3 configurations : basic/low cost, better/medium cost, best/highest cost

I've been talkin' about this for 2 years now, and I expect it to take about 2 more years to get first revs done


Completely open source from mechanical (DXF), to hardware (schem, layout), to firmware (CPLD/microcontroller) to software. (Read more here)

either Creative Commons, GPL, MIT, BSD or a mix

Contains only out-of-patent or unpatented technology


Low cost, off-the-shelf, in production parts only.

DIP, PLCC, thruhole preferred. SOIC, 1206 passives and other large SMT "ok". No SSOP, QFP, LLP, uSOIC, etc.

  • Projects must be configurable as standalone (no "USB only") with LCDs, controls.
  • Computer connection preferred, but no parallel ports. Serial ports "ok". USB preferred.
  • Nice enclosures, preferrably from Hammond or Pactec. Should be easy to machine (with dremel, drill) or with laser cutter. No woodworking, or vacuum forming. Machined enclosures will be available to purchase
  • PCBs are double sided only. Standard FR4, 1oz copper, 10/10 rule. Don't have to be etchable (but would be nice). Final PCBs will be available for purchase


All are still in part spec/planning

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