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Female Header

PCB straight

0.1" ('classic') spacing

Single row
Gold plated contacts
Not 'break-away'
Generic datasheet
Sullins PPTCxx1LFBN-RC (xx is the # of pins)
E.g., Sullins PPTC361LFBN-RC has 36 pins
4uCON series (#00563 is 1x36 pin)
header8f_t.jpg 1x8 Generic datasheet Jameco Digikey
header6f_t.jpg 1x6 Generic datasheet Digikey
2x10femaleheader_t.jpg 2x10 position 0.1" x 0.1" female header Generic datasheet Digikey
stacky8_t.jpg "Stacky headers"
These have extra long 'tails'
good for stacking Arduino shields
1x8 Stacking header 4UCON
stacky8_t.jpg "Stacky headers"
These have extra long 'tails'
good for stacking Arduino shields
1x6 Stacking header 4UCON
  • Tin-plated Contacts
    • 3M 92-9974-01-xx for one row (e.g., 92-9974-01-36 == $2.15)
    • 3M 92-9975-01-xx for two rows (e.g., 92-9975-01-36 == $3.74)
  • Gold-plated Contacts
    • 3M 92-9850-01-xx for one row
    • 3M 92-9852-01-xx for two rows
  • XX is the number of pins per row, and ranges from 2 to 40.
  • 'break-away' style

2mm spacing

2mm-12pos_t.jpg 2mm 10-pin header Sullins 2mm Adafruit Digikey Mouser 4UCON
2mm-12pos_t.jpg 2mm 12-pin header Sullins 2mm Digikey 4UCON
2mm 2x6 Sullins 2mm Mouser

PCB Right-Angle

pptc361lgbn-rc.jpg Right-angle 'nonbreakaway' Digikey Sullins PPPCxx1LGBN-RC (Datasheet)
replace xx with # of pins, PPPC361LGBN-RC has 36 pins
4UCON series (#00653 is 1x36)

Male Header

headerm36_t.jpg 1-Row, 40 pins total ex. Tyco 4-103321-0 or 4-103741-0 Digi-Key Mouser
4UCON series (#00833 is 1x36)
Jameco #SMH40 (SMH36) Element 14
" 2-Row, 80 pins total ex. Tyco 9-146250-0 or 4-103777-0 Digikey 4UCON series (#01028 is 2x36)
1-row, 36 pin, extra long! Sullins PEC36SFCN Digikey
6pinheader_t.jpg Unshrouded 2x3 (AVR ISP header) Generic Datasheet JAMECO VALUEPRO #7000-2X3SG
Digikey Mouser
4UCON (1) 4UCON (2)
6pinbox_t.jpg Shrouded 2x3 (AVR ISP header) 3M 30306-6002HB Mouser 4UCON
10pinidc_t.jpg Shrouded 2x5 (AVR ISP header) 3M 30310-6002HB Mouser Digikey 4UCON
2x10raheader_t.jpg 2x10 position 0.1" x 0.1" right angle header Generic diagram Jameco Digikey 4UCON
2x20 Breakaway (Green plastic base) Tyco 2-826925-0 Mouser

2mm Male

1x40 Sullins Digikey
2x6 unshrouded FCI Mouser


Jumpers, also called shunts, let you short together two adjacent pins.


.100" Jumper - Red Generic (3M 929951-00) Mouser
.100" Jumper - Blue Generic (3M 929952-10) Mouser
Tall .100" Jumper Kobiconn 803x (untested) Mouser Black
Mouser Blue
Mouser Red


2mm Jumper - Black Sullins
2mm Jumper - Blue Harwin M22-1910046 Mouser
2mm Jumper - Red Harwin M22-1920046 Mouser
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