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DC Jacks

21mmjack_t.jpg PJ-002AH 5A/24VDC
PJ-002A 2.5A/16VDC
2.1mm w/thick pins (most common)
Includes ground disconnect switch
Digikey Digikey Mouser (1.5A/18VDC) 4UCON adafruit:2.1MMJACK
PJ-102AH 5A/24VDC
PJ-102A 2.5A/16VDC
2.1mm w/thin pins for bread & perf board Digikey Digikey Adafruit (5A/24VDC) con-jack:JACK-PLUG:JACKPLUG0
- PJ-002B 2.5A/16VDC 2.5mm w/thicker pins (less common) Digikey Mouser adafruit:2.1MMJACK
- PJ-102B 2.5A/16VDC 2.5mm w/thin pins (less common) Digikey Digikey con-jack:JACK-PLUG:JACKPLUG0
panelmount21mmjack.jpg 163-4302-E 0.5A/24VDC Panel mount 2.1mm w/thick pins
Includes ground disconnect switch
Mouser Adafruit
Plug PP3-002A 5A/24VDC 2.1mm solderable plug (to mate with above) Digikey Mouser
Plug PP3-002B 5A/24VDC 2.5mm solderable plug (to mate with above) Digikey Mouser

Battery holders


Image Description Datasheet Distributors
2batterypackswitch_t.jpg Closed 'box' design with switch EPD 12BH9V/CS-GR Mouser
9vclip_t.jpg 9V Clip with nice molded plastic
I hate the paper ones that rip!
Keystone 2239 Mouser Digikey


Image Description Datasheet Distributors Eagle library part
cr1220thm_t.jpg 12mm coin cell holder
THM version (for CR1220)
Keystone 3001 Mouser Digikey adafruit:CR1220
smdcoinholder_t.jpg 12mm coin cell holder
SMT version (for CR1220)
Keystone 3000 Digikey Mouser adafruit:CR1220
smdcoinholder_t.jpg 20mm coin cell holder
SMT version (for CR2032)
BK-883 Digikey
Sew-able 20mm coin cell holder
Has 1mm holes you can sew thru!
BA2032SM Digikey Adafruit


Image Description Datasheet Distributors Eagle library part
2aabatterypack_t.jpg 2xAA open holder with 6" wires Keystone 2463 Mouser Digikey
2aabatterypack_t.jpg 2xAAA open holder with 6" wires Keystone Digikey Mouser
2batterypackswitch_t.jpg 2xAA closed holder with 6" wires and switch MPD SBH-321AS Mouser Digikey Rapid (UK)
aaabattholder_t.jpg Single AAA holder, PC pins Keystone 2466 Mouser Mouser Digikey adafruit:AAA
6 x AA battery holder with 6" wires MPD BH26AAW Digikey Mouser

PC Connectors

The male connector is the kind you find on the hard drive, while the female would be on a power supply. It's the pins that matter, not the housing, for determining which style it is.

4-pin "Hard Drive Molex" style (male, pcb mount) Molex 15-24-4745 Mouser Digikey
20-pin ATX connector (pcb) Molex 39-29-3206 Mouser Digikey
24-pin ATX connector (pcb) Molex 39-29-9242 (untested) Mouser Digikey
4-pin ATX+12v (pcb) Molex 39-31-0040 (untested) Mouser
4-pin "Hard Drive Molex" (female) housing: Tyco 1-480424-0 or Molex 15-24-4048
pins: Tyco 60617-1 or Molex 02-08-1201
4-pin "Hard Drive Molex" (male) housing: Tyco 1-480426-0 or Molex 15-24-4047
pins: Tyco 1-480426-0 or Molex 02-08-1236
4-pin "Floppy Molex" (female) housing: Molex 5102 22-01-1044 or Tyco 171822-4
pins: Molex 08-70-0056
4-pin "Floppy Molex" (male, pcb) Tyco 171826-4


The motherboard fan connectors are .100 K.K. series Molex connectors. Two pins are for power, one for speed feedback. Note that these are compatible with .100 SL series Molex as well (the kind used on some servos and the FTDI cable).

2-pin female housing (white) Molex 22-01-3027 Mouser
3-pin female housing (white) Molex 22-01-3037 Mouser
4-pin female housing (3-pin compatible) Molex 47054-1000 Mouser
Female pins Molex 08-50-0114 Mouser
2-pin male PCB mount with lock Molex 22-23-2021
3-pin male PCB mount with lock Molex 22-23-2031 Mouser
4-pin male PCB mount (3-pin compatible) Molex 47053-1000 Mouser
Panflo 3-pin tail Digikey P11030-ND
Panflo 2-pin tail Digikey P11031-ND


Image Description Datasheet Distributors
738w-x2_5e03_sml.jpg Standard North American receptacle (NEMA 5-15), 15A, 125V, Panel mount, 4.7mm quick connect terminals 738W-X2/03 Digikey
pf0001_5e63_sml.jpg C14 receptacle typically found on computers. Fused using 5mm x 20mm fuses like this one PF0001/2 Digikey
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