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2.8" TFT LCDs

TFT8K1276FPC-B1-E "Truly-C" - 37 pin 'standard' - 16 bit with LGDP4531 driver (flipped from ILI932x? different init needed?) cant be changed to 8bit

ZT-P28325T37P-1V2.0 - 37 pin 'standard' - 16bit default with ILI9325 driver, can set to 8bit by removing R2 on FPC and tying pin 11 high.

YM280T-017A1-FPC-A - 37 pin 'standard' - 8 bit default with ST7783 driver, compatible with ILI932x (R1 soldered on FPC? probably changeable to 16bit by removing R1 and soldering R2?)

FPC-TTHJ18V2 TECHTRON - 37 pin 'standard' - 16 bit default with ILI9325 driver, can't be changed to 8-bit

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