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Wave Bubble 2010

Major contributions to the design of this version go to Mictronics and TheFallen.

This wiki has been created to collect all errata regarding new parts, schematics, etc.

Wave Bubble 2010 - Design by Mictronics

USB and Battery Charger board

Here is a short descrition of the USB and Battery Charger board for my Wave Bubble 2010.

Due to hardly available parts on Digikey the battery charging circuit was modified and uses now an LTC1730-4.2 LiPo charger IC. The LTC1730-4.2 handles charging of a single LiPo cell and includes overcurrent and overtemperature protection for the battery. The board connects through a mini-USB connector either to a PC for data transfer or to a wall adapter for charging.
Charging current depends on the external power supply but overcurrent protection is set to 2A. A green LED will indicate charging status.

USB data transfer is handled by a simple USB-RS232 converter, the FT232L.

Board size is 77mmx52mmx7mm without battery.
Maximum battery size: 65mmx35mm

Top layer:
Bottom layer:

Download Design Files


PCB Layout:

Target Viewer - Required to open the PCB layout files:

Bill of Material:

Name Value Package DIGIKEY
BAT1 LiPo 3.7V/1800mAh BATTERIE
C1 100n 1206 399-1249-1-ND
C2 100n 1206 399-1249-1-ND
C3 100n 1206 399-1249-1-ND
C4 100n 1206 399-1249-1-ND
C5 1u 1206 490-1832-1-ND
C6 220u/6.3V SMD_R8X5,4_ELKO 493-2156-1-ND
C7 47u/6.3V SMD_R5X5,4_ELKO 493-2086-1-ND
C8 1u 1206 490-1832-1-ND
C9 47n 1206 399-1246-1-ND
C10 22n 1206 311-1176-1-ND
C11 100n 1206 399-1249-1-ND
D1 GREEN 1206-D 160-1206-1-ND
IC1 FT232RL TSSOP28 768-1007-1-ND
IC2 LTC1730-4.2 SO8 LTC1730ES8-4.2#PBF-ND
R1 0.05 1206 P50NPCT-ND
R2 1K 1206 311-1.0KERCT-ND
R3 4.7 1206 541-4.7ECT-ND
R4 10K 1206 311-10KERCT-ND
R5 10K NTC 1206 541-1151-1-ND
R6 4.1K 1206 541-4.12KFCT-ND

Digikey BOM ID: 15995

Wave Bubble Main Board

PCB still in out for manufacturing…

More edits to come.

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