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Make your x0xb0x sing, Make your x0xb0x scream.

For information on how to get the best sounds out of your x0xb0x, see UsingTheSynth. For information on how the sequencer works, see UsingTheSequencer.

Modes of Operation

The x0xb0x has 7 major modes of operation, plus 3 "user" modes of operation which, if you are willing to hack the FirmWare, you can make it do whatever you like.

  • MidiPlay - Play the x0xb0x through an external sequencer
  • KeyboardMode - Use the keyboard keys to play notes
  • RandomMode - Play a constantly changing random sequence
  • PatternMode - Play or Edit a single bar pattern
  • TrackMode - Play or Edit a series of single bar patterns
  • BootloadMode - On startup, set up the MicroProcessor to be reprogrammed
  • ComputerControlMode - Edit patterns from your computer
  • UserMode
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