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Wiki Mission

This wiki started out as a way for Jonnay to post various things that he has learned about the x0xb0x hardware, firmware and software. In its original form, it was a tiddly wiki which was only editable on his machine. He decided to open up the wiki to the internet, and it has grown since them to become this wiki.

The goal of x0xd0x is to provide in depth documentation of all aspects of the x0xb0x so that LadyAda doesn't have to. This includes the testing, fabrication and modification of the Hardware, Software and Firmware. LadyAda gave us a bunch of tools already, including the excellent fabrication manual and schematics, but the x0xb0x user community can fill in all kinds of details for her.

How in depth is in depth? A musician with no knowledge of electronics should be able to not only get enough information to build the x0xb0x, but also learn the inner workings of the x0xb0x if he so chooses. There is no reason why the converse shouldn't be true either… an Electronics Engineer should be able to get enough information to not only program the x0xb0x, but build screaming acid techno leads, funky acid house basslines, etc.

What if I have something I want to add?

By all means, add it. If what you have to add is in any way, shape or form related to the x0xb0x, or at least to electronics and/or music, then chances are your content will stay here, and even grow. If, instead what you have to add is all about accepting the Flying Spaghetti Monster in your life, it probably belongs elsewhere. As it just so happens, x0xd0x lives on BunnyWiki, which is an open wiki. Try putting it there instead.

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