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This is a list of the least expensive 'hobbyist' parts available from popular distributors such as Mouser, Digikey and Jameco. The aim is to provide a library of the most commonly used parts. So when you need a 100uF capacitor you can be sure that the links here will take you to the cheapest part.


Through Hole General Purpose


Mouser's in-house brand (Xicon) is inexpensive and good for general hacking. The "General Purpose" part numbers look like this: 140-XRLxxVyy-RC where xx is the voltage and yy is the capacitance. For example 150-XRL-50V1.0-RC is a 1.0uF/50V capacitor.

Digikey's cheapest brand is Panasonic KS, KA and M series. The part numbers look like ECE-A1CKA470U where the single letter encodes the voltage rating.

Not all values and voltages are shown on this table so be sure to check the Mouser catalog page, Digikey catalog page or Jameco catalog page for all possible capacitors

Ceramic capacitors


Standard ceramic 'blobby' bypass capacitors: good for high frequency filtering. Less leaky than electrolytic.

104cerm_t.jpg 1.0uF / 50V 10% AVX SR215E105MAR Mouser, Digikey Jameco
" 1.0uF / 50V -20%/+80% Digikey
" 0.1uF / 50V 20% AVX SR205E104MAR Mouser, Digikey, Jameco
" 0.1uF / 50V -20%/+80% reel Mouser
" 0.01uF / 100V Kemet C315C103K1R5TA Mouser, Digikey Jameco
kinkedcap_t.jpg 0.1uF 100V Generic Digikey Mouser
bluecerm_t.jpg 680pF ceramic capacitor Murata RPER72A681K2P1B03B Mouser Digikey
ceramicdisc_t.jpg 20pF ceramic disc capacitor Generic Mouser Digikey
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