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Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor Eagle lib
12termblock_t.jpg Phoenix 2.54mm/0.1" Terminal blocks These are a little pricey but handy because they are 0.1" spacing
so you can put them where normally you'd have header
The links go to 2 pin connectors, but up to 14+ pins are available
Mouser Digikey
4ucon 0.1 spring terminal These are 0.1" pitch, dual row spring terminals. Rows are spaced 0.2" apart. Accepts 30 to 20AWG wire. The nice thing about them is you can actually split them apart and build up your own widths. 4ucon Sparkfun
termblock-big2_t.jpg Tyco 1776275-x 3.5mm blocks These are 3.5mm so require a PCB layout
You can snap 2 and 3 pin ones together to make any size
Digikey Mouser 4ucon Adafruit:1x2
termblock-big2_t.jpg Molex 39880-030x and OSTT 5.08mm blocks These are 0.2" spacing, so you can use them in breadboards Mouser (shorter)
Digikey (taller)
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