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Overlooked, underappreciated, and hard to justify until you already own them, the right tools can turn a formerly-arduous task into a trivial one. Save some time and just buy the good stuff right at the outset!


7289482806_679193d2ab_o.jpg handy for holding PCBs during soldering Panavise, Jr. Adafruit


83-1097-2331_sml.jpg Cleans and deoxidizes solder pads; improves solder flow. Kester 2331-ZX Flux Pen Digi-Key Mouser


Image Description Part # & Datasheet Distributor
pa09_new.jpg Four-nest crimper for tiny terminals, D-sub, JST, etc Engineer/Futaba PA-09 Adafruit or Sparkfun
0j2617.600.jpg Two-nest ratcheting crimper for smallish terminals Pololu product page (anyone got better?) Pololu
product-tool-01002.jpg.thumb_300x240_mat.jpg Five-nest crimper for small automotive and other terminals product page Ballenger Motorsports


7659175072_fd7e867e19_q.jpg The best technical notebook ever! National #43648 Amazon
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