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Component Guide

This section could probably use some graphics, particularly ones that illustrate the polarity of components.


The x0xb0x comes with a metric-fuck-tonne of resistors. These do not have to be soldered in any particular way (no polarity), and they are not heat sensitive. There are also 2 thermistors in the kit, which look really similar to the resistors, so be careful.


The x0xb0x also comes with a heavy amount of capacitors. There are 4 types used in the x0xb0x. Polyester caps have no polarity, and are green. Ceramic caps also have no polarity, and are yellow. The kit comes with 2 tantalum caps which are also yellow, but are mroe 'blob shaped. Tantalum capacitors have polarity, and apparently you can reverse their polarity with no immediate ill effects, only to have problems later on. Finally, the kit is shipped with a bunch of electrolytic capacitors. These are cylinders of blue or black, and a white stripe showing their polarity.


The x0xb0x comes with 2 different kinds of diodes, 4 1N4001 Power Diodes make the full wave rectifier in the PowerSupply. There are also a bunch of 1N4148 switching diodes. These are not heat sensative, but they do have polarity. The arrow in the silk-screen diagram should be pointing to the line.

Light Emitting Didoes

Exactly like diodes, they are not heat sensative, but do have polarity. You can tell which way they go, because one edge of the led is slightly flat, similar to the silkscreen on the PCB.

(more later)

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