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Making BijouBitterSolies Panel

x0xb0x #026 (BijouBittersolie) did an amazing front panel mod and created an amazing 303-like front panel.Here is a link to his TIF file.

  1. Print out the TIF file on card stock
  2. Cut out the holes for LED's, Switches and Knobs
  3. Trim the sides, leaving 1 1/2 CM at the top and sides, and 2 CM at the bottom
  4. Fold the exess at the bottom and sides over, and screw the top panel in
  5. Revel in the beauty of freelance writing jobs.

Notes about the TIF file

  • The Holes don't line up perfectly with the AutoCAD file
  • The font seems to be Helvetica 9.2 pt. Arial 9.2 will work in a pinch. The font spacing is roughly 25.
  • The yellow is: C 2%, M 11%, Y 32%, K 0%. Or in RGB if you like: #FFE3A3.

Computer Controlled Skin (by Jonnay)

Jonnay has updated and added to the panel done by BijouBittersolie, photos are coming soon. Right now it is V0.9 and is available here:

Here is the todo list

  • Move the panel to a set place on the page (1 inch x 1 inch)
  • Print red on the backside instead of the front
  • more whitespace between volume and "computer controlled" (knob in the way)
  • more whitespace for "voltage controlled oscillator" (washer in the way)
  • cut out the paper completely, don't fold
  • expand lines on bank select
  • Fix right-hand spacing between "Mode Select" in the "Sequencer" section
  • make sure #1 in PTN# is bold
  • increase point size in #1, #5, #9 and #13 in PTN#
  • give the user icon sunglasses so it looks more like a guy, rather then a keyhole

Making your own Panel

You can download the AutoCAD DXF files for your panels from Here. I have converted the Front and IO panels to bare Illustrator files that you can use to make a panel mod like BijouBitterSolie.


Apparently the size is off by 1/8th of an inch each direction on the main panel, and might be the same for the I/O panel. Before you use them, scale them by 1/8th an inch.


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