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I'm Robert, a software engineer very interested in electronics. I'm a hardcore/breakcore/jungle dj, and (apisiring) acid producer/live PA artist. I'm in to guitars too!

The x0xb0x is my first real kit, but I've done a lot of smallish electronics stuff before. I am trying to push myself in to this project to learn because its such a good environment for that. Most of the time when I am working on a personal project I will get stuck, and asking for help is not worthwhile because noone has any clue what I am doing in the first place – with the x0xb0x, everyone "gets it" so I find the community is really helpful.

I've made a few anon wiki contributions and hope to make more so that I can give something back to the community

My x0x!

I have x0x #285. Pictures aren't very exciting at this point, you've all seen a stock looking x0x. No flaws or anything, construction was long and uneventful.

I've done the following mods to it:

  1. Envelope 3x Modification

I'm planning the following mods to it:

  1. Replace 3x Envelope with 2x Envelope. 3x was too much, ugh
  2. A new kind of on/off mod, mimicking how the 303 really did it I think (and how the 606 did it, I know)
  3. Bass Boost mod, switchable
  4. Resonance boost, switchable
  5. Variable slide length
  6. Replace all jumper cable 'endings' with molex snap in connectors. This really needs to be done and should be suggested to anyone building a x0x, imo.
  7. Devilfish style overdrive
  8. Asthetic mods: Spraypaint it silver, put a neat sticker on the faceplate..

I'm working on the following mod designs for it:

  1. A 'decay' range lengthening mod
  2. A LiON battery power mod (sorta on hiatus, I don't have the cash to dump in to it in the first place, and looks like ladyada is working on one which would probably rock mine anyhow)



Email: rcl isat lucidsoft period org

Wiki Mail Box

Use this space if you want to contact me via wiki, but contact above is probably much better :)


Quit being so lazy! Do these things, rcl!

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