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-===== Manuals ===== 
-The manual for the software for the Luna EXP NX: {{:​mdcpickandplace:​lunaexpnxmanuale.pdf|}} 
-The manual for the software for the Luna EXP:  {{:​mdcpickandplace:​lunaexpmanuale.pdf|}} 
-===== Spec & Data sheets ===== 
-The spec sheet for the MDC Luna EXP NX (stepper motors) {{:​mdcpickandplace:​lunaexpnxe.pdf|}} 
-The spec sheet for the older MDC Luna EXP (servo motors) {{:​mdcpickandplace:​lunaexpbenche.pdf|}} 
-===== Other docs ===== 
-Our MDC showed up with loose "​homing dots" - the brackets on either side of the bank 1 feeders. As such the machine was not calibrated, and we needed to change the "Mark Calibration",​ here are Isono'​s instructions:​ {{:​mdcpickandplace:​mdc_luna_mark_adjustment.pdf|}} 
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