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Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Schematic Overview:Voltage Controlled Amplifier

VoltageControlledFilter Audio
EnvelopeGenerator Gate
EnvelopeGenerator Envelope
EnvelopeGenerator Accent

HeadphoneAndMixer Audio


BA6110 Pinout

The BA6110 comes in SIP and DIP (BA6110FS) packages. The x0xb0x ships with the SIP version, but the DIP pinout is provided for reference in case you need to replace it, and you can't find the SIP.

SIP DIP Pin Function
1 1 Positive Input
2 3 Negative Input
3 5 GND (input bias?)
4 7 Control Signal (envelope)
5 9 GND (Vcc)
6 11 unbuffered VCA out
7 12 buffer input
8 14 buffered output
9 15 PWR

notes from moogah

the vca envelope generator is created by this same pulse and by the gate signal created by q36

the gate signal merely turns on the vca circuit
the pulse signal generates the attack and decay via q32 and q31
q31 creates the current that controls the amplitude of the vca
q1 through q4 are merely current mirrors to reflect this current appropriately to the 6110 since it is different than the 662

note from bcbox

The output of the BA6110 is a few dB hotter than the BA662, I measured as much as 5dB. If using the BA6110 changing R155 to 100k will give the same performance as a tb-303. There will still be some distortion with higher settings of volume and accent - the tb-303 does it too. Or if you want to maximum headroom and minimize noise just keep it as is and turn the volume control down until it doesn't clip (the 'mixer' stage is after the volume cotrol).

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