MIDIsense Download files

You will need to download the software to configure the MIDIsense board!

You can download the binary files from sourceforge. The latest binary releases are:

Right now the 'stable' revision is v1.0c which supports resistive board v1.1. In 1/2007 v1.1 came out and seems to work fine but is still pretty 'fresh'

Currently all the code is in the CVS repository on sourceforge, if you want to mess with it.

There's also a set of the python sourcefiles, ostensibly for use with Linux, or for hacking the code. Its old, lame and unsupported.


Printed Circuit Board files

The resistive sensor IO board is out of beta, so go ahead and use it! You will need to download the freeware version of Eagle to generate gerbers, print laser toner transfers to make your own PCBs, etc. Obviously, if you bought the kit or PCB this is just for your information and is not necessary.

These are currently betas of v1.0, they ought to work but not guaranteed


This is all he code for all of the different boards (since there is a lot in common between them). The latest code is in the CVS repository on sourceforge, its currently changing a lot so if you want the latest & greatest I'd go there. Kits come with preprogrammed code (currently v1.2, soon v1.3) so please dont re-program the chip unless you know what you're doing.

Right/control-click the links to download the files.

Zip file of the firmware as of 4/1/06 - this is out of date!


This is a custom-written avr910'ish bootloader adapted for MIDI Sysex communication. Times out on data input. Seems to work good, can be easily updated to work with different microcontrollers. Also in the CVS repository. This is preprogrammed into the kits so you -really- shouldnt download this unless you know what you're doing and want to modify it.

May 17, 2011 20:07