Minty Boost Make your own
Test it!
Now that it's built, its smart to do some minor tests to verify it's working properly. You'll need a multimeter with DC voltage measuring capabilities, which every multimeter has. Read the manual to verify how to get into the modes you want.
Put the meter in DC voltage measure mode. Do an input voltage test, to make sure you've got good batteries, 2-3V total is good.

Now test the output to make sure you've got 5V. If so, you did a good job!

You might have to press in a little hard (but don't slip!) to make a good connection with the solder joints: they are covered with a thin rosin layer (the brown gunk). You can clean it off with a little acetone or an old toothbrush.

Can't get it working? Don't worry, help is available in the forums!

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May 17, 2011 20:06