Turning the Alarm on/off

Flip the switch on the right side of the clock. When the LED is on the alarm is active, when the LED is off the alarm is off (easy to remember!)

Alarm & snoozing

If the alarm is going off, the piezo will beep loudly and the display will flash. You can turn off the alarm by flipping the alarm switch on the side.

If you press a button, that will put the clock into snooze mode which will stop the beeping but keep flashing. After 10 minutes, the snooze will end and the alarm will continue to beep!

Setting the alarm time

Press MENU to get into the config menu.

Press SET to begin setting the time

Press + to increment the alarm hour, if you have it set to 12hr mode, you will be able to see AM/PM

Press SET to continue to set the minutes

Press + to increment the minutes.

When you're done, press SET to save your changes

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May 17, 2011 20:07