YBox2 Kit Widgets for your YBox2
Here is a collection of widgets that you can try on your YBox2. If you write a widget, we will add it to the list! Just post about it to the Forums. thanks!

This is the default widget that YBox2 kits come with. It will display the weather for a zip code. You can customize the zip code via the web interface. Please note the infowidget server address is now be sure to update your widget!

Alarm clock widget

This is the Alarm Clock widget. It will get the current time from a military time server so that you will always be up to date. It can be configured for your time zone and can also be set with an alarm time and alarm mode. The buzzer beeps and the screen flashes when its time to wake up!

Twitter widget

The Twitter widget allows real-time updates from your favorite Twitter user. You can configure it via the web interface

May 17, 2011 20:07