Portfolio 2003
Nixie Clock
Summer 2003

Its very important that every electronics hacker build a nixie clock. The chassis is rusty welded tread plate. There are no buttons, only mercury tilt-switches: to set the time one tips the clock to the left (slow set) or right (fast set).

Spoke POV
Summer 2003

(Initially meant to go to BM '03, these werent really finished until early 2004.)

Each stick is 9" long with 32 LEDs, a microcontroller and hall-effect sensor. As the wheel turn, each stick detects a magnet attached to the chainstay which allows it to calculate current speed and 'sweep out' an image. While biking, the image appears to be static, floating inside the wheel.

There is more documentation on design and construction at the SpokePOV webpage. Kits are also available

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