Table of Contents

Testing the USB, Midi, Sync, CV and Audio Connections

Testing the USB

  1. Power the IO board, but don't connect it to the main board
  2. Plug in the USB into a computer.
    • If you are using Windows, The computer should detect a "Serial ↔ USB" chip and request a driver.
    • If you are using OSX or Linux, …. WorkOnMe
  3. Download the driver from FTDI. (a mirror for the Windows XP/2k driver is on this site here: Make sure to grab the VCP driver. Install it. Verify that a new COM port is created (under Windows, look under hardware control panel)

Testing everything else

Everything else should just work. But if you are having problems, here are some detailed testing instructions.

Midi and Din Sync



Audio testing is simple. Plug a jack into your x0x0b0x, and the other jack into your mixer, or an amplifier, and away you go. One (or both) jacks don't work, it is almost surely a problem with either the Headphone amplifier or the Mixer section.

CV and Gate

Connect your multimeter to the tip of the CV jack, and ground to the sleeve. Set the x0xb0x to KeyboardMode, and press the lower C key. You should see 2 Volts DC(?). Press the upper C key, and you should see 3 Volts DC(?).

For the gate, do the same, and press any note key. You should see 5V DC when pressed, and 0V DC when released.