Fabrication Info

DifficultyRating: 7.5 / 10

Components 66
Resistors 30
Capacitors 10 Electrolytic, 6 Polyester
Diodes 1
Transistors 15
ICs 0
Other 3 Pots, 1 Trim Pot

Make sure you don't get the five pin transistors confused when building this section. There is one 2SC2291, and two 2SC1583 transistors. Also, the picture of the completed VCA on the main fabrication page is wrong, C23 is backwards.

As with the previous section, solder in all components except the potentiometers, and then solder in the pots.


You might want to mount Q9 and Q10 on Sip Sockets so you can replace the transistors with higher gain transistors at a later date. See higher_beta_transistors_on_q9_and_q10