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Voltage Controlled Amplifier

Schematic Overview:Voltage Controlled Amplifier

VoltageControlledFilter Audio
EnvelopeGenerator Gate
EnvelopeGenerator Envelope
EnvelopeGenerator Accent

HeadphoneAndMixer Audio


BA6110 Pinout

The BA6110 comes in SIP and DIP (BA6110FS) packages. The x0xb0x ships with the SIP version, but the DIP pinout is provided for reference in case you need to replace it, and you can't find the SIP.

SIP DIP Pin Function
1 1 Positive Input
2 3 Negative Input
3 5 GND (input bias?)
4 7 Control Signal (envelope)
5 9 GND (Vcc)
6 11 unbuffered VCA out
7 12 buffer input
8 14 buffered output
9 15 PWR

notes from moogah

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