Project 1 LED Toys

This is the first real project, and so we should celebrate with fireworks. Except that fireworks are dangerous (Mr. Wizard taught me that) and so we will use the somewhat safer LEDs available.

We have already made the onboard LED blink (in Project 0). In this project we will explore more interesting LED effects, such as colormixing, fading (using Pulse Width Modulation), and persistance of vision (a controlled form of PWM).

In Project 4 we will return to this project and improve on it using interrupts and on-chip peripherals (!).

Regardless, LEDs are pretty to look at and a lot can be done with simple PWM.

Required Equiptment

For this project you will need the following parts, in addition to the basic Atmex setup and tools.

Picture Description Qty. Manufacturer & part no. Buy From
  RGB LED (full spectrum)
Kingbright WPF5WAEMBGWBW Mouser
  Super bright red LED (2000+ mcd)
  100 ohm resistor


May 17, 2011 20:07