F.A.Q. For all of your most important questions
What is included in the Digg Button Kit?

The kit is a package of electronic parts including a preprogrammed microcontroller chip, and a circuit board. Also included is 2 CR2032 batteries (one spare).

Can I buy a Digg Button Kit pre-assembled?

Not from Adafruit Industries: right now we only sell kits.

How long does the battery last?

The majority of the power used comes from lighting up the LEDs that form the numbers. Still, the device should last with 'average use' for a week or longer.

Replacement batteries are easy to get nearly anywhere, and are called CR2032 or BR2032 (20mm x 3.2mm coin cell) and you can replace the battery without losing diggs.

You can also perform one of the mods for adding extra power such as external battery packs or USB power.

Will I lose my Diggs if I remove the battery or the battery dies?

No! The diggs are stored in permanent EEPROM memory: you can replace the battery and retain your precious diggs.

Does the Digg Button communicate with Digg.com?

No, the Digg Button kit is a standalone project, it doesn't connect to a computer or the Internet to function (yet!)

May 17, 2011 20:07