DIGG it! Basic mods
Basic Mod #1: Acrylic cover

Make a case or cover to protect your kit! There are acrylic ones in the shop or you can download the layout files and use them to design your own.

Basic Mod #2: Scrolling message
By soldering in (or just twisting) a piece of bare wire in the top two holes of X1 to create a jumper, the digg button will stop counting and just scroll a message.
Basic Mod #3: No timeout

By default the kit turns off after a few minutes to conserve power. By soldering in (or twisting) a piece of bare wire in the bottom two holes of X1 to create a jumper, the LEDs will stay lit indefintely

Basic Mod #4: Battery power!

Want more power for your Digg Button? Upgrade from the tiny coin cell to 2 AA batteries and get 10 times more life!

You can get a double battery pack from any electronics store (including radio shack) Remove the coin cell and solder the red and black wires as shown. 2 or 3 alkaline/rechargeable batteries will work best. Don't use a 9V: It will destroy the digg button!

Basic Mod #5: USB powered

First, find an old peripheral or a USB cable and cut it so that you have only the A-type end (rectangular, not square)

Carefully remove about 1.5" (4cm) of plastic insulation and cut off the white and green data wires. Strip the red and black wires and melt a little solder on them to make it easy to solder.

Remove the coin cell. Then solder in the red and black wires.

Its a good idea to add strain relief: use a zip-tie to keep the wire from getting ripped out.

Now you can easily connect it to your computer.

May 17, 2011 20:07