Ethernet Shield Wiring the XPort pins to the Arduino

V1.0 of the PCB has an error in the silkscreen, for the XPort direct labels, CP1 and CP2 are -swapped-. The labels for the XPort side are OK.

The labels, reading down, should be #RESET, TX, RX, RTS, DTR, CTS, CP2, CP1

This will be fixed in v1.1, sorry!

Wire it up!

Since all of the XPort communcation happens with "software serial", its up to the user to decide which pins on the Arduino to connect up to the XPort.

Since all of the examples that will be posted on this site will use the same configuration, I will show how to wire up the XPort in the following way:

If you decide to go with something else, make sure you change the example code below in the example sketches. If the pins are not used, set the number value to "0" (zero)

#define XPORT_RXPIN 2
#define XPORT_TXPIN 3
#define XPORT_DTRPIN 5
#define XPORT_CTSPIN 6
#define XPORT_RTSPIN 7

Simply solder plain wires between the row of pads next to the XPort and the row of pads along the header connection

Or, if you want to get fancy and you have female socket header in your spare-parts bin, you can use that!

May 17, 2011 20:07