Wave Bubble Configuration
  Connect the battery board to the main board, solder in the 4-pin jumper if you havent yet

Plug in the USB into your computer, it should show up as a COM port. Open up that COM port with your favorite terminal program (19.2Kbps 8N1 no handshake,etc)
  Program the board with the test_uart() code, you should see a stream of characters (a-z) appear in the terminal window.
  Reprogram it without the test code, it should start up and give you a simple menu system (later on you can enter this by pressing the space bar within 1 second of startup)

p will show you the current programs. Right now there are none yet.

Press a to add a program. Add the 'standard' cell phone frequencies 1900-2000 MHz and 850-900 MHz respectively.

You can have the wavebubble tune each time on startup, but its faster to just tune it now and save that to memory. Press t to tune.

The tuned settings are saved to EEPROM.
  You can now add new programs. Putting 0 MHz in will indicate that the VCO is not to be used and will be shut off.
  Each time the device is power cycled it will skip to the next program. The program # is indicated by the number of LED blinks.
May 17, 2011 20:07