x0xb0x® Frequently Asked Questions
Where is the waiting list right now?

The x0xb0x (Adafruit edition) was available as a kit that includes all parts necessary to build a x0xbox: PCB, case with CNC machined faceplate, components, buttons and knobs, AC adaptor, pre-programmed microcontroller, and (of course) poorly xeroxed assembly manual*...You supplied the sweat & tears.

We have made 9 runs of 100 kits each. All but one of the components in the kit are through-hole.We had a great run and we are currently exploring how to best support this project in 2010 - so far we've made the project completely open source and we will have more updates in the month of April with what's next for our role with the x0xb0x.

Because of demand and time/cost to make these kits -starting in 2005 we created a "waiting list" where interested kit makers could sign up to be notified if and when the next run was available for purchase.This list was a "spot in line" for the kits Adafruit Industries may make based on pricing, time and demand. We did not accept any payment in any form until the kit was shipped and the listee was notified to place their order with a special password for that run. This worked out great, we never "held" funds unless a kit was sent. The waiting list was simply a "back in stock" notifier for potential x0x customers.

At this time (4/2010) the waiting list is closed and no longer will be used. Our data retinition policy for this list is mas follows -- We do not retain email addresses or names, if you signed up you can safely assume the list has been deleted, you will never be contacted by Adafruit or anyone else. We hate spam.If you have any questions please email support@adafruit.com

Mods FAQ
  1. Will there be mods (i.e. Devilfish)? Will it run on batteries?
    Some of the 'Devilfish' updates to the TB303 are built into the design (i.e. override accent and slide, because it was easy to incorperate and does not affect kit costs) However, in general, mods were not considered. There is plenty of space both on the IO panel and main panel for more pots, sliders, buttons, jacks, etc, etc. Hopefully, users will create their own mods and provide instructions for people who want to hack a x0xb0x. Perhaps they will even be available from Robin W? Robin is not interested in offering this service. However, it will be a popular mod and will eventually make its way to the mods page.
    Likewise, the x0xb0x does not have battery power 'built-in' but it would be trivial to add, and there is plenty of space in the box for a battery pack (which we did consider).
October 17, 2011 11:31