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We're also having a potluck lunch, send in your x0xb0x tracks so others may eat.


A while ago, there used to be an awfully nice TB-303 page put up by the swiss DJ Terrorist (at http://www.teknet.ch/tb-303). It's currently down, but while it was up there was a cross-comparison table of 303 clones all playing the same pattern (see the last version kept at the Internet wayback machine under "clones"->"sounds")

We had most of the samples cached on a computer (if you have the rest of them, please forward them along so that this table can be completed) so here's a mirror of that page. Of course, we also added the x0xb0x!



The last few months a various range of analog and pseudo-analog gears came out. Some of them were sold as machines able to emulate the rather unique TB-303 sound.

Here are a few comparative sounds from those emulators (22khz - 8bits - mono). For each machines you have 3 types of sound, and those types are the same for all machines (same notes, at least ...).


Machine Name Acid Line Slidy Line Trancy Line
Original TB-303
MS-404 Missing!
TransitorBass 3
DeepBass 9
BassStation Missing! Missing!
FatMan Missing!



Soup & Salad

Here are two pattern loops (stereo 192kbs MP3).

The patterns were programmed into a x0xb0x and orignal (unmodified) Roland TB-303, which were DINSYNC'd together. The two were then tweaked in unison and recorded with one acting as left channel output and one acting as right channel output.

To play, listen to both using an MP3 player where you can 'pan' the balance of left/right channels. Then vote in the forum on what you think is the configuration we used. Both files have the same configuration.

(Thanks to Brox & the German)

Oops: theres a slide missing from the track on the left side, which may throw you off...

Get updated with more tracks as I add them to the x0xb0x 'podcast' by adding it to your RSS feed, or directly into iTunes, or just check out the x0xb0x tracks site when you're bored.

Here are a bunch of videos of people & their x0x, makin' love the acid way - all from youtube. Post some of your own and send the link my way to get featured!

kokoon's x0x fun

"showing the mods resonance boost, bass boost and extended envelope range (so the env amt can be turned to true zero)
the resonance boost is particulary interesting - the filter can self-oscillate quite strongly when the boost amount is set to max.
the audio isn't that perfect - i couldn't find good mp3 settings and i tried a lot. anyway, it shows x0xb0x is a fine acid machine"

wyllytesla Live Acid - a 303, 909 and x0xb0x pounding out hard techno

wyllytesla does not let you down! Acid Set - a 303, 909 and x0xb0x pounding out hard techno

Dr. Rek's acid setup, including a x0xb0x: "Dr. Rek's acid set features a Korg ES-1, x0xb0x 303, roland tr-606, bent speak n read with pitch CV in recieving pitch from 303, and the long awaited return of the circuit bent video painter mark 3 interpreting the music into bent visuals, for live sets and acid jamz, visit http://absurdity.biz/live.html"

More from Dr. Rek: "6/18/06 at drexrekker's house in tempe,AZ. featuring the setup described in this previous video http://www.youtube.com/watc... This is live acid, no laptop, only circuits, next step will feature modded 606 and light sensitive circuit costume, coming soon. Visit Absurdity.Biz for bookings."

analogliveset: kromosom21 squelches it up testing out his gear, x0xb0x+tr606+tr909

acid test: kromosom21's diy modular synth + tr909 +x0xb0x in action

Suit&TieGuy gives a laid back jam with his favorite toys

More from Suit&Tie Guy: " This is a two-bar loop of the basic "Chameleon" bassline sequenced in a x0xb0x used to control the Minimoog's oscillators and the envelopes, VCA, and Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter of the STG Soundlabs Radiophonic Accessory System. the Minimoog's filter is opened up and the bottom C is held down with half of the Hamtech Sonic Screwdriver in order to stay in tune, then fed into the Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter, VCA, and an attenuator as a volume control."

"Synth Babe" October71 has two sleek silver-modded x0x's in this mix

Semtexx has a lot of gear...

October 17, 2011 11:31