x0xb0x User Manual: MIDI Mode

MIDI play mode turns the x0xb0x into a simple, MIDI-controlled synthesizer. Basically just plays NOTE ON and NOTE OFF commands. To play patterns or tracks while sync'd to MIDI use patterh play (midi sync) or track play (midi sync).

  To enter MIDI play mode, turn the Function knob to MIDI play


MIDI controlled

None of the x0xb0x buttons are functional during MIDI control.

  To accent notes, make the MIDI velocity value larger than 100 (0x64 decimal).
  The current MIDI address (1-15) is displayed on the 16 LED strip. To change the MIDI address, turn the Bank knob. Note that the number that the knob points to does not neccessarily correspond to the MIDI address.
May 17, 2011 20:07