x0xb0x User Manual: Keyboard Mode

Keyboard mode allows the x0xb0x to act like a monophonic MIDI keyboard. Its also useful for quickly trying out melodies before writing out a pattern.

  To enter keyboard mode, turn the function knob to Keyboard


Playing the keyboard
  Notes are generated whenever you press one of the 13 notekeys. You can slide between notes by pressing a new notekey without releasing the old one.
  Notes can be accented by pressing the ACCENT key. When accent is on, the accent LED will be lit.
  You can shift up or down an octave by pressing the UP or DOWN keys.

Every time a notekey is pressed, a corresponding MIDI "Note On" signal is sent. Every time a notekey is released, the corresponding "Note Off" message is sent. Accented notes have the maximum MIDI velocity value.

  The current MIDI address (1 through 15) is displayed on the strip of 16 LEDs. You can change the MIDI address by turning the bank knob.


May 17, 2011 20:07